Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That's right, your'e not from Texas.

Lyle Lovett and I know something you don''s how awesomely beautiful and unique the state of Texas is. It is where I'm from and where I call home. The sunrises, hidden creeks, live oaks, and hill-country make Texas a popular spot for photographers and artists, alike. On any particular day, you can see a wide pallet of greens, pinks, oranges, and blues. From the crystal clear waters of Barton Springs in Austin, to the endless graze lands and longhorns of north Dallas, to the limestone rocks of San Antonio,  Texas has a little bit of something for everyone. There's plenty of wildlife to discover and a number of wildflowers to photograph, not to mention the weather is generally tolerable about 8-10 months out of the year. There's tornadoes and extreme weather phenomenons for those storm chasers chaser photographers. Texas not only has beautiful scenery but its people are also beautiful in their own respects. From all walks of life, people seem to be drawn to the magic and warmth of the lone star state.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Post dos

This weekend I watched a documentary on the life and work of Vivian Maier. She was a street photographer born in New York City and is notarized for her portraits of everyday people. she seemed to make the ordinary look extraordinary.  I found Vivians life interesting because her career was not centered in photography rather, she was a caretaker and nanny for more than 40 years. Her work was discovered in an auction for a storage locker (which turned out to belong to Maier but was auctioned off due to delinquent payments). Her work spans over 100,000 negatives including portraits of children she cared for, beach scenes, city life, and the people who inhabit them. She plays a lot with reflections and shadows which I found interesting because she has been described as a "private person" and the shadows sometimes read as her artists signature. Here are some of my favorite pictures from her collections.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Post

This is my first blog post, not just for this class, but my first post ever! I am excited to take this class and learn about digital photography. A few photographers that I like are: Ansel Adams, Irving Penn, Sally Mann, and JR. I am always open to learning about new/ upcoming artists. I rented a documentary that explores the life and works of Vivian Maier and am excited to watch it this weekend. I am unfamiliar with her work but the documentary received excellent reviews. In my next blog post, I will discuss my review of the film and probably include some of her photographs. For now, I've included some pictures that I have taken over the years I think you would enjoy.